Saturday, 21 July 2012

Next for ebay.

Finally I'm putting on eBay set 7665 Republic Cruiser! It's taken a while to get this far hunting for a missing piece by tearing my attic inside out. But it's now a complete set again, and ready to go to a better home! The only little mistake I made was to pull the whole thing apart before I photographed it....doh!! Just to confirm, the set is 100% complete with box and instructions, in great condition, though a few pieces are a bit dusty (something else I forgot to sort out....) The box has a few small dents and a bit of damage from being opened. The instructions are in good shape but coming very slightly loose on the staples. It will be listed today (Saturday) for 5 days at around 7.00 - 7:30pm GMT for a start price of 99 pence and I'll post anywhere in the world. Good luck if you decide to bid!

Okay, it's on eBay but I put it on for 7 days, not 5. Apart from that, everything else is as I intended!

7665 box
7665 instruction manuals
7665 in bits....

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