Friday, 13 July 2012

Next ebay listings

I've risked life and limb in my attic and come up with a few goodies that I will list on ebay over the weekend.
I'll add some pictures tomorrow. I have yet to sort through them to check for completeness, but they should all be 100% there and all with boxes and instructions and in excellent condition.

7593: Toy Story - Buzz's Star Command Spaceship. - Cute set of over 250 pieces with a really good looking little spaceship and of course Zurg!!!! 

7571: Prince of Persia - The Fight for the Dagger - Over 250 pieces with some gold bricks, plenty of weapons and a camel!

8091: Star Wars - Republic Swamp Speeder - 'Limited edition' (apparently). 170+ pieces with 5 figures and a machine that for some reason keeps reminding me of a vacuum cleaner.....

8093: Star Wars - Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter - Still sealed in it's box. As new!

8089: Star Wars - Hoth Wampa Cave - Another set I never opened. As new. 

I think I bought these last two sets before I realized I could't actually have every Lego set coming out. I had to rationalize my collection and concentrate on my original love of Lego City. Now to make room I've got to let these go. Oh well, maybe I'll win the lottery and can keep them all !!

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