Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My collection.

Just finished checking through all my sets from the attic. I had made one or two mistakes, listing two sets I didn't actually own, one set I didn't know I had and one set I had twice. Oh well, I'm only human! After correcting the errors I found that from 2009 to present I have over 100 Lego City sets, with 2010 the most complete. I was quite surprised I had that many, no wonder my wallet is always empty! The set I managed to get twice (7279 - Police minifigure collection from 2011) I'm seriously considering putting as a prize on this blog just to get some comments!! Maybe on Saturday....
My 2009 City collection

My 2010 City collection

My 2011 City collection

My 2012 City collection so far...

Work is still progressing on 4204 'The Mine' and should be finished tomorrow. Mini review coming soon.

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