Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Got back late yesterday from a long hot day out at Legoland Windsor. The school holidays and beautiful weather (at last) meant the park was near to capacity, but I still got a few photo's of the new Star Wars miniland! I also totally gave in to the temptation to buy Lego and got 4204 'The Mine' and 4207 'City garage'. There's hardly any city sets left I can buy! Anyway, I've already started construction of the Mine and I'll give a mini review when I've finished it, ditto the garage. I've been busy today getting all my Lego down from the sweltering attic to see exactly how much I've got. OMG! It's unreal how much you can get in just a few years!! (I might put some pictures on tomorrow of this hoard!) Happy building!

Hoth - The AT-AT's were HUGE!

Battle of Endor - Loved the Ewoks!

Mega- impressive, mega-sized  Imperial Shuttle

4204 'The Mine'
4207 - 'City Garage'

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