Friday, 20 July 2012

Latest acquisitions!

I think I'm wearing out my bank card.... Recently bought mining sets 4202 'Mining Truck' and 4203 'Excavator Transporter'. I should be able to get them built this weekend and will give a mini review when they're done. There's a strong possibility of a trip to Legoland Windsor in the very near future, and I've never come away from there without a new set so it looks like I might need to do some overtime at work to keep my bank balance the right side of zero!

4202 Mining Truck

4203 Excavator transporter
 Hopefully by next weekend I will be able to list Star Wars set 7665 Republic Cruiser (at last!) I finally located the missing piece and now all I have to do is carefully go through it all to make sure it is 100% complete, take a couple of photo's for ebay and see what happens. Trawling through past sales of this model I've found so many sets being sold as incomplete it seems to be quite rare to find one with everything present. The prices they're fetching (on average, UK sales only):

                                                       GBP       EUROS     USD        RUBLES
Used but 100% complete -  79.00     100.60       123.65     3935.50
Brand new, unopened - - - 112.00     142.70      175.30     5579.40

That means if you bought the set new then opened it and built it (like I did) then you lost about 33% of it's potential resale value. Personally I don't care, it's there to be built and have fun with!

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