Saturday, 28 July 2012

I couldn't think of a title!

Not a lot to say today. (Those darned olympics keeping me occupied!!)  I've been ploughing on with my inventorying, heck I need soooooooo much Lego to do what I want to.... I meant to put on this blog a spare Lego set I found I had as a free prize today, I might actually get to do it tomorrow. Also tomorrow I should be able to do a mini review on 4207 'City garage' which is very nearly finished.
  One thing I've noticed is how Lego are putting brick separators in the bigger sets now. They were trying to flog them to me for 1.99 GBP in Legoland last week!
   Something else I'd like to do is actually show some of my MOCs, if I thought they were worth showing! Anybody out there made a model they're proud of? Let me know!
One of my MOCs..Actually no it isn't! Another shot from Star Wars
Miniland in Legoland Windsor. (The overall blue light was an effect in the
show, not my camera!!)

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