Monday, 2 July 2012

The finished last!

Well, it's finally finished, and I have to say I love it! At 149.99 GBP it's not the cheapest set to buy but with a  2766 piece count it's actually one of the best value for money sets out there. Well designed and full of interesting ways to use standard pieces to make unusual effects. Take the four pillars outside the front door. Each ones consists of 19 pieces and uses the '1x8 plate with door rail' with a '1x8 tile' over it to get the grooved pillar effect. Brilliant idea! They're all held together internally by 4 'Brick 1x1 with studs on two opposite sides' separated by 6 '1x1 round plates' sitting on top of a '1x1 round brick' (Check out Peeron for the part descriptions if you're confused. Or better still, buy the set and see for yourself!) 

Cute non-moving bell in the tower, working elevator, moveable clock face and the brilliant globe are just some of the highlights for me. Another huge plus is there's no stickers! 

You also get a good selection of Minifigs. All have the olde style classic smile faces. I love the beard for the cleaner guy and the kid's ice lolly is superb. Nice use of pieces to make the flash-camera, although scale-wise it's HUGE! I now have two brides and grooms, the first pair being in set 10184 'Town Plan' from 2008.

All in all a great set, and one that will greatly increase in value when the set is retired by Lego. This takes pride of place in my collection, at least until the next best-ever set comes out!

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