Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ever been to a shop and found you can't buy anything because you've got it all? Of this years offering from Lego there's only a few of the Mining sets and the Creator Beach House I want. Luckily there's warehouse-loads of older sets I desperately must have! So trawling through the ebay listings almost every day I always find lots I haven't got.  The problem is the price. Personally I don't mind paying a bit over the odds for a set with instructions and box and all the pieces present. What annoys me is when the offer is for a set with no box, no instuctions and a start price of 20 GBP for a set I wouldn't pay 10 GBP for complete!  Okay, mild rant over. Talking of ebay, I've dug out another Star Wars set I'm going to put on ebay on Sunday. This time we have set 8086 - Droid Tri-Fighter. 100% complete WITH box and instructions in excellent condition. The only damage to the box is where it's been opened. As usual I'll put it on auction with a 99 pence start price. I'm trying to build up my monetary reserves for a trip to either Bluewater Shopping Centre or Legoland Windsor in a couple of weeks during the school holidays. Can't wait!

8086 Droid Tri-Fighter
Open end of the box

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