Tuesday, 17 July 2012


At last! After one and a half weeks I've actually got around to building the Helicopter Rescue set.

All in all it's not a bad set. Four minifigures, an ambulance, a helicopter and a two-bed emergency center is quite a lot to pack in a medium-sized set. The architecture of the building is interesting. The red-bordered, double-height, all-glass front is a nice touch on what otherwise would have been an average / dull facade.
Nice to see a female ambulance driver. The doctor's hair is a piece I haven't seen before and with the smirk on his face gives him a 'I'm da man' look. The only little design qualm I have is with the back of the helicopter, it somehow just doesn't look right to me, it's too thin.
My only other gripe is there's lots of stickers.....Still glad I've got it though!

4429 Helicopter Rescue

The dodgy back end....

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