Sunday, 29 July 2012

4207 City Garage mini review.

I've always had a bit of a beef with Lego multi-storey car parks, mainly the fact you end up with a big structure and about 4 actual car parking spaces! This one is not much different, but at least you get 5 spaces! That aside, it's a pretty good set with quite a lot in it. 933 pieces and a fairly straightforward build, the park itself comes with a car wash, a working lift, a security office, a pay machine with barrier and a mechanics repair area. A good amount of interest fitted nicely into the frame of the park. Outside you've got a two-pump filling station to add even more playability. Four vehicles and five minifigures are a great addition, with two cars, a (small) camper van and a breakdown truck. It's a little bit of a shame they made all the vehicles pretty much the same length, a slightly bigger camper would have been great. The minifigures are a nice mix. A security guard, mechanic, a man, a woman and (my favorite) a trendy, slightly slimy-looking business man!
As with The Mine, my only real cons for this set are: lots of stickers and two lots of string!
It's not the best valued set in existence but the hours of play to be had out of this is well worth it!
City Garage,  a good sized set!

The cars....

...and the characters.

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