Friday, 27 July 2012

4204 'The Mine' mini review

With 748 pieces, it's not a small set. 4 minifigures, 2 vehicles and a mini train complete the whole thing and it looks great! It's not a complicated build and doesn't take too long to make so the interest for the younger builder is kept on track. The rock face is suitably craggy with bits of mine paraphernalia scattered over it to add interest. There's plenty of goldy bits to dig out along with what passes for stones and small rocks. The mine excavator machine is quite a nice and solid thing, with the drill head turnable by hand from the back of the vehicle. The truck looks good and rugged enough for it's job and has the now obligatory cup of coffee in the cab! The simple tipping action adds to the fun. By far my favorite piece has to be the narrow-gauge railway. It's the cutest train ever made by Lego! The tiny engine pulling a single wagon is perfectly at home as it lumbers through the rock face into the mine beyond. 8 pieces of track give a fair travelling distance for it. The only little annoying thing is there's no room for a driver to sit down. The poor guy has to stand up and then can't reach far enough down to get to the steering wheel! That said, I really don't care, it's my Lego narrow-gauge pride and joy! Above the mine is a crane and a conveyor belt assembly to take the mined stones to the waiting truck. To top it all off there's a little security hut with a safe-type door protecting the gold. Plenty of little things like dynamite, pick axes (I had an extra one with the set!), warning signs etc give this set a lot of playability, it should keep the kids happy for ages! The only real downside (for me) is the amount of stickers and (for my ham-fists), string! Otherwise I rate this set (and indeed the whole mining theme) 9 out of 10. I hope it continues for another year!

The Mine with the work crew.

The two vehicles.

The greatest little train Lego has ever made!!

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