Sunday, 22 July 2012

4202 & 4203 mini reviews


Both 4202 (Mining truck) and 4203 (Excavator transporter) are straightforward builds, nothing complicated and not too many stickers to get on an annoying angle! I have to say the excavator is probably one of the best looking diggers I've seen from the Lego City range, the shape and style just looks right. The excavator bucket can be exchanged for a drill which makes for more playability. Another plus point for me is that the truck has doors. I always think a vehicle looks better with opening doors on it! 305 pieces with the usual small spare bits and 2 great minifigures for 25 GBP makes it good value (because it's not a licensed product!)
The mining truck is also a good set to build and mine came with an extra pickaxe! Sadly no doors on this one and the completed model looks a bit stubbier than I though it would, but that is a very minor moan. One minifig and 269 pieces for 20 GBP actually works out at better value than the excavator transporter.
I have to say I'm really pleased with the look of these new mining sets and with 4204 'The Mine' next on my list I can't wait to complete the series, and hopefully Lego will find new ideas to keep the theme going for another year.


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