Monday, 30 July 2012

Freebie time! (At last!)

I know I promised this for last week and for Saturday...and for Sunday...but it's finally here. Lego City set 7279 'Police Minifigure Collection' . I recently found I had managed to get two of these so I've decided to give away this new and unopened set to someone who reads my blog. Send me a comment on my blog and I'll put your name in a draw to win it! If you comment and follow my blog I'll put your name in twice! I'm happy to post anywhere in the world. I'll pick the winner on Saturday August 4th at around 10.00am GMT and I'll notify the winner shortly afterwards. So get commenting and/or following and good luck!
This could be yours....

Sunday, 29 July 2012

4207 City Garage mini review.

I've always had a bit of a beef with Lego multi-storey car parks, mainly the fact you end up with a big structure and about 4 actual car parking spaces! This one is not much different, but at least you get 5 spaces! That aside, it's a pretty good set with quite a lot in it. 933 pieces and a fairly straightforward build, the park itself comes with a car wash, a working lift, a security office, a pay machine with barrier and a mechanics repair area. A good amount of interest fitted nicely into the frame of the park. Outside you've got a two-pump filling station to add even more playability. Four vehicles and five minifigures are a great addition, with two cars, a (small) camper van and a breakdown truck. It's a little bit of a shame they made all the vehicles pretty much the same length, a slightly bigger camper would have been great. The minifigures are a nice mix. A security guard, mechanic, a man, a woman and (my favorite) a trendy, slightly slimy-looking business man!
As with The Mine, my only real cons for this set are: lots of stickers and two lots of string!
It's not the best valued set in existence but the hours of play to be had out of this is well worth it!
City Garage,  a good sized set!

The cars....

...and the characters.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I couldn't think of a title!

Not a lot to say today. (Those darned olympics keeping me occupied!!)  I've been ploughing on with my inventorying, heck I need soooooooo much Lego to do what I want to.... I meant to put on this blog a spare Lego set I found I had as a free prize today, I might actually get to do it tomorrow. Also tomorrow I should be able to do a mini review on 4207 'City garage' which is very nearly finished.
  One thing I've noticed is how Lego are putting brick separators in the bigger sets now. They were trying to flog them to me for 1.99 GBP in Legoland last week!
   Something else I'd like to do is actually show some of my MOCs, if I thought they were worth showing! Anybody out there made a model they're proud of? Let me know!
One of my MOCs..Actually no it isn't! Another shot from Star Wars
Miniland in Legoland Windsor. (The overall blue light was an effect in the
show, not my camera!!)

Friday, 27 July 2012

4204 'The Mine' mini review

With 748 pieces, it's not a small set. 4 minifigures, 2 vehicles and a mini train complete the whole thing and it looks great! It's not a complicated build and doesn't take too long to make so the interest for the younger builder is kept on track. The rock face is suitably craggy with bits of mine paraphernalia scattered over it to add interest. There's plenty of goldy bits to dig out along with what passes for stones and small rocks. The mine excavator machine is quite a nice and solid thing, with the drill head turnable by hand from the back of the vehicle. The truck looks good and rugged enough for it's job and has the now obligatory cup of coffee in the cab! The simple tipping action adds to the fun. By far my favorite piece has to be the narrow-gauge railway. It's the cutest train ever made by Lego! The tiny engine pulling a single wagon is perfectly at home as it lumbers through the rock face into the mine beyond. 8 pieces of track give a fair travelling distance for it. The only little annoying thing is there's no room for a driver to sit down. The poor guy has to stand up and then can't reach far enough down to get to the steering wheel! That said, I really don't care, it's my Lego narrow-gauge pride and joy! Above the mine is a crane and a conveyor belt assembly to take the mined stones to the waiting truck. To top it all off there's a little security hut with a safe-type door protecting the gold. Plenty of little things like dynamite, pick axes (I had an extra one with the set!), warning signs etc give this set a lot of playability, it should keep the kids happy for ages! The only real downside (for me) is the amount of stickers and (for my ham-fists), string! Otherwise I rate this set (and indeed the whole mining theme) 9 out of 10. I hope it continues for another year!

The Mine with the work crew.

The two vehicles.

The greatest little train Lego has ever made!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Next on eBay.

I've got three sets I'll be listing on eBay on Saturday, around 7:00pm to 8:00pm GMT. As usual I'll post any where in the world. All sets should be 100% complete but I'll go through them with a fine tooth comb to make sure and I will advise on anything missing on the eBay listing. Also as usual, any stickers that came with the sets have been applied. 

First up: Prince of Persia 7572: Quest Against Time. 506 pieces
One of the instruction manuals is a little bit dog-eared

Includes light brick (fully working!)

4 minifigures and lots of sneaky traps!

Next we have Harry Potter set 4738: Hagrid's hut. 442 pieces.
This set also includes a working light brick.

Main cast. There are also 3 small spiders and a rat (not shown).

Inside the hut!

Lastly for this week there is Star Wars set 8087: TIE Defender. 304 pieces.
Box and instructions in excellent condition.

Vader would be proud!
I also meant to do a mini review of  'The Mine' today but I'll leave that until tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My collection.

Just finished checking through all my sets from the attic. I had made one or two mistakes, listing two sets I didn't actually own, one set I didn't know I had and one set I had twice. Oh well, I'm only human! After correcting the errors I found that from 2009 to present I have over 100 Lego City sets, with 2010 the most complete. I was quite surprised I had that many, no wonder my wallet is always empty! The set I managed to get twice (7279 - Police minifigure collection from 2011) I'm seriously considering putting as a prize on this blog just to get some comments!! Maybe on Saturday....
My 2009 City collection

My 2010 City collection

My 2011 City collection

My 2012 City collection so far...

Work is still progressing on 4204 'The Mine' and should be finished tomorrow. Mini review coming soon.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Got back late yesterday from a long hot day out at Legoland Windsor. The school holidays and beautiful weather (at last) meant the park was near to capacity, but I still got a few photo's of the new Star Wars miniland! I also totally gave in to the temptation to buy Lego and got 4204 'The Mine' and 4207 'City garage'. There's hardly any city sets left I can buy! Anyway, I've already started construction of the Mine and I'll give a mini review when I've finished it, ditto the garage. I've been busy today getting all my Lego down from the sweltering attic to see exactly how much I've got. OMG! It's unreal how much you can get in just a few years!! (I might put some pictures on tomorrow of this hoard!) Happy building!

Hoth - The AT-AT's were HUGE!

Battle of Endor - Loved the Ewoks!

Mega- impressive, mega-sized  Imperial Shuttle

4204 'The Mine'
4207 - 'City Garage'

Sunday, 22 July 2012

4202 & 4203 mini reviews


Both 4202 (Mining truck) and 4203 (Excavator transporter) are straightforward builds, nothing complicated and not too many stickers to get on an annoying angle! I have to say the excavator is probably one of the best looking diggers I've seen from the Lego City range, the shape and style just looks right. The excavator bucket can be exchanged for a drill which makes for more playability. Another plus point for me is that the truck has doors. I always think a vehicle looks better with opening doors on it! 305 pieces with the usual small spare bits and 2 great minifigures for 25 GBP makes it good value (because it's not a licensed product!)
The mining truck is also a good set to build and mine came with an extra pickaxe! Sadly no doors on this one and the completed model looks a bit stubbier than I though it would, but that is a very minor moan. One minifig and 269 pieces for 20 GBP actually works out at better value than the excavator transporter.
I have to say I'm really pleased with the look of these new mining sets and with 4204 'The Mine' next on my list I can't wait to complete the series, and hopefully Lego will find new ideas to keep the theme going for another year.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Next for ebay.

Finally I'm putting on eBay set 7665 Republic Cruiser! It's taken a while to get this far hunting for a missing piece by tearing my attic inside out. But it's now a complete set again, and ready to go to a better home! The only little mistake I made was to pull the whole thing apart before I photographed it....doh!! Just to confirm, the set is 100% complete with box and instructions, in great condition, though a few pieces are a bit dusty (something else I forgot to sort out....) The box has a few small dents and a bit of damage from being opened. The instructions are in good shape but coming very slightly loose on the staples. It will be listed today (Saturday) for 5 days at around 7.00 - 7:30pm GMT for a start price of 99 pence and I'll post anywhere in the world. Good luck if you decide to bid!

Okay, it's on eBay but I put it on for 7 days, not 5. Apart from that, everything else is as I intended!

7665 box
7665 instruction manuals
7665 in bits....

Friday, 20 July 2012

Latest acquisitions!

I think I'm wearing out my bank card.... Recently bought mining sets 4202 'Mining Truck' and 4203 'Excavator Transporter'. I should be able to get them built this weekend and will give a mini review when they're done. There's a strong possibility of a trip to Legoland Windsor in the very near future, and I've never come away from there without a new set so it looks like I might need to do some overtime at work to keep my bank balance the right side of zero!

4202 Mining Truck

4203 Excavator transporter
 Hopefully by next weekend I will be able to list Star Wars set 7665 Republic Cruiser (at last!) I finally located the missing piece and now all I have to do is carefully go through it all to make sure it is 100% complete, take a couple of photo's for ebay and see what happens. Trawling through past sales of this model I've found so many sets being sold as incomplete it seems to be quite rare to find one with everything present. The prices they're fetching (on average, UK sales only):

                                                       GBP       EUROS     USD        RUBLES
Used but 100% complete -  79.00     100.60       123.65     3935.50
Brand new, unopened - - - 112.00     142.70      175.30     5579.40

That means if you bought the set new then opened it and built it (like I did) then you lost about 33% of it's potential resale value. Personally I don't care, it's there to be built and have fun with!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


At last! After one and a half weeks I've actually got around to building the Helicopter Rescue set.

All in all it's not a bad set. Four minifigures, an ambulance, a helicopter and a two-bed emergency center is quite a lot to pack in a medium-sized set. The architecture of the building is interesting. The red-bordered, double-height, all-glass front is a nice touch on what otherwise would have been an average / dull facade.
Nice to see a female ambulance driver. The doctor's hair is a piece I haven't seen before and with the smirk on his face gives him a 'I'm da man' look. The only little design qualm I have is with the back of the helicopter, it somehow just doesn't look right to me, it's too thin.
My only other gripe is there's lots of stickers.....Still glad I've got it though!

4429 Helicopter Rescue

The dodgy back end....

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Latest on ebay

The last two sets for this week have now gone on ebay: 7593 Toy Story: Buzz'z Star Command Spaceship and 7571 Prince of Persia : The Fight for the Dagger. That'll be it for ebay for this week as I'm on the late shift at work and by the time I get home I'm too tired to be bothered with anything on the computer!! Next week I'll be putting on more Series 2 minifigures and there's still a few of the bigger sets from 2010 to put on, including more Star Wars, more Toy Story, more Prince of Persia as well as Atlantis and a bit of Harry Potter!

7571: The Fight for the Dagger

7593: Buzz's Star Command Spaceship

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Now on ebay.

I've put the 3 Lego Star Wars sets on ebay today and I'll put some different Lego licensed products on tomorrow. (By the way my ebay seller name is: briang2519). 

Recent sales include:

                                                                                    GB Pounds     US Dollars       Russian Rubles
                                9490 Droid Escape - unopened -   13.59       -     21.16         -     689.61
  8092 Luke's Landspeeder - opened but complete -   14.00       -     21.80         -     709.68
       8085 - Freeco Speeder - opened but complete -   15.25       -     23.75         -     773.05
                         30160 - Batman's Jetski - unopened -     3.25       -       5.06         -     164.75       
       8129 - AT-AT Walker - opened but complete -   91.00        -   141.75         -   4612.94

Here's the pictures of the stuff now live on ebay:

8091: Republic Swamp Speeder
8093: Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
8089: Hoth Wampa Cave

Friday, 13 July 2012

Next ebay listings

I've risked life and limb in my attic and come up with a few goodies that I will list on ebay over the weekend.
I'll add some pictures tomorrow. I have yet to sort through them to check for completeness, but they should all be 100% there and all with boxes and instructions and in excellent condition.

7593: Toy Story - Buzz's Star Command Spaceship. - Cute set of over 250 pieces with a really good looking little spaceship and of course Zurg!!!! 

7571: Prince of Persia - The Fight for the Dagger - Over 250 pieces with some gold bricks, plenty of weapons and a camel!

8091: Star Wars - Republic Swamp Speeder - 'Limited edition' (apparently). 170+ pieces with 5 figures and a machine that for some reason keeps reminding me of a vacuum cleaner.....

8093: Star Wars - Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter - Still sealed in it's box. As new!

8089: Star Wars - Hoth Wampa Cave - Another set I never opened. As new. 

I think I bought these last two sets before I realized I could't actually have every Lego set coming out. I had to rationalize my collection and concentrate on my original love of Lego City. Now to make room I've got to let these go. Oh well, maybe I'll win the lottery and can keep them all !!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Latest eBay stuff.

The Typhoon Turbo Sub and a couple of minifigures (Karate Master and Explorer) have now gone live on ebay. This weekend there's going to be a Lego bonanza day on ebay, I'm planning on putting 6 or 7 sets on,  including Star Wars, Toy Story , possibly more Atlantis  and some Prince of Persia. I'll see what I find when I invade my loft again!

Karate Master

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

It's been a pretty quiet day Lego-wise. I've finished 1986 in my set inventories and am currently going through every piece in the Star Wars 7665 Republic Cruiser set to see exactly what I need to find or order.

Republic Cruiser - well...most of it.

I always keep the spare pieces from any Lego set I've had and have now got a small box full of the stuff. Usually it's small pieces but every so often you get a large spare as in 3677 Cargo Train. The standard battery box that comes with it is Dark Stone but the set requires a red box, so Lego put the red box in with the dark stone one and you end up with 2 battery boxes! Now only if they would do minifigures with spare heads or torso's....

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Upcoming set for ebay.

Well I've spent most of the last two days working, sleeping and inventorying! I've managed to plow through almost all of 1986, with only 3 sets left to do.

I've managed to dig out another set for ebay. This time it's an Atlantis set - 8060 - Typhoon Turbo Sub. These are quite common sets so I'm not hoping for megabucks here! As usual it comes with the box and instructions and is 100% complete. Everything is in excellent condition and will be starting at the usual auction price of 99 pence so somebody might be able to pick up a bargain! I've added a couple of photo's to show the different configurations of the sub. I'll probably list this Thursday evening (GMT) for a week. I'm also considering putting a couple of collectible minfigures from the Series 2 collection for auction, possibly the Explorer and Karate Master. I'll wait and see if I've got the energy or will to do it on Thursday!

8060 - Typhoon Turbo Sub

Travel mode
Attack mode

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ahh! That's how you get a title!

Ignore me, I've only just discovered how you give a post a title! 

The Droid Tri-Fighter is now live on ebay, while my Droid Escape is over the 5 GBP mark.

I managed to do absolutely nothing on my new Helicopter Rescue set, ah well, maybe next week...

The only thing I have done today is inventory 7 sets from 1986 including '1589 - TCS breakdown Assistance' set . Rarer than an England penalty shootout triumph, I doubt I'll ever get it unless I can build it up from spare parts!

Example of my inventory sheets

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ever been to a shop and found you can't buy anything because you've got it all? Of this years offering from Lego there's only a few of the Mining sets and the Creator Beach House I want. Luckily there's warehouse-loads of older sets I desperately must have! So trawling through the ebay listings almost every day I always find lots I haven't got.  The problem is the price. Personally I don't mind paying a bit over the odds for a set with instructions and box and all the pieces present. What annoys me is when the offer is for a set with no box, no instuctions and a start price of 20 GBP for a set I wouldn't pay 10 GBP for complete!  Okay, mild rant over. Talking of ebay, I've dug out another Star Wars set I'm going to put on ebay on Sunday. This time we have set 8086 - Droid Tri-Fighter. 100% complete WITH box and instructions in excellent condition. The only damage to the box is where it's been opened. As usual I'll put it on auction with a 99 pence start price. I'm trying to build up my monetary reserves for a trip to either Bluewater Shopping Centre or Legoland Windsor in a couple of weeks during the school holidays. Can't wait!

8086 Droid Tri-Fighter
Open end of the box

Friday, 6 July 2012

Okay, first off I'm putting my new Star Wars set 9490 Droid Escape on ebay tonight with a start bid of 99 pence. May the force be with the highest bidder.....

I'm in the process of sorting out an order from Bricklink and should be able to get the missing piece for the Republic Cruiser so hopefully soon that will be a complete set again.

Weetabix 'House 1'
Talking of ebay, I somehow managed to bid on, and win, two old sets from 1976. They're both Weetabix promotional sets and neither of them had an actual set number. The first 'House 1' is a charming little (emphasis on little!) two-storey building with tiny windows, a door the old minifigure can't fin through and a car she can't get in. Still I love it!

Weetabix 'Windmill'
Next is a windmill which was called 'Windmill' (!!) It's only when you have to build a horse that used old minifig legs as it's own legs and face that you realise how great we have it today with one-piece animals that actually look like the animal they represent! At least the minifigs can almost get through the door this time.
They're very basic but I think that's half the fun of them. The style of these sets is what I remember as a kid, though I never had these, I never even knew they existed till I saw them on Brickset. Hopefully I can catch up on a few more in the near future.