Saturday, 30 June 2012

Okay, both new sets are now built and here's what I think of them.


First off, 4200 - "Mining 4x4"  7.99 GBP for 102 pieces. 
As with all City sets you tend to get better value for money than licensed products. I love the new mining helmets with the light (a 1x1 round tile). The 4x4 is a nice sturdy vehicle and the wing mirrors are a nice touch on a small model. I like the detonator plunger, nice use of three standard pieces! I had 10 spare pieces with this set, that's nearly 10% of the total, surely some kind of record for Lego?  The only downside - the dreaded stickers!! Luckily there's only 3 in this set.


On to 4201 - "Loader and Tipper"  12.99 GBP for 139 pieces. 
A little more costly per piece than 4200 but still good value in my opinion. Personally I found the front and rear windscreens on the tipper truck not attached too well to the rest of the vehicle, causing them to fall apert when I tried to put the roof on. It might be me being heavy handed..... Two vehicles, two minifigures and plenty of spare pieces (11 in this set!!), augurs well for the bigger models. Maybe because it's a new theme (new for City anyway) I really like these mining sets and can't wait to get the bigger and more interesting ones. 

Post script:  Finally started the third and final floor of the Town Hall. I'm getting there...
My latest acquisitions!

A trip to a not-so-local retail park that happens to have a Toys 'r Us netted new mining sets 4200 and 4201. These are the smallest of the mining sets. I like to start small and work my way up, I find it keeps things more interesting. I'll post again later when I've had a chance to build them. Unfortunately this means putting the Town Hall on the back-burner...again.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Town Hall in Progress.

I've started this blog half way through constructing set 10224 "Town Hall". It's progress will be followed to completion as with all the sets I get. I'm a Lego City collector, even though I've had loads of other themes in the past. I'm attempting to acquire, or build from spares, every Town / City set Lego have produced from about 1956 to today. That's about a gazillion sets. Limited time and money means it could take a loooooong time. Anyway I'll update all progress made and maybe one day I'll actually complete the collection!